The Day I Become A Cat
Watercolor / 5 pieces / Oct. 2018
There are so many fancy stuffs in this beautiful city. The modern brands, coffee shops, ice cream store... the girl walked through the city with her cat, but still couldn’t find what they need.
Suddenly, the girl walked into a desert. Her cat was gone, there were only sky, sands and a few of cactus. The sun was so hot that see started to feel dizzy.
The girl found herself sitting on the priority seat in the MRT, people around stared at her in an unfriendly way. Wondering where this train is heading to, the girl felt more dizziness.
Finally the train stopped in front of a manor. There was a big “noodle” written in Chinese, hanging on the middle of the building, which remind the girl that she haven’t eat any thing for the whole day. The girl walk toward to it, not noticing the weird scene behind the door.
回到了沒有出口的沙漠,少女用手指在地上畫了一碗麵。麵出現了。接著是水、牛奶、飯糰⋯ 連貓咪也變了出來。最後,少女決定把自己也變成一隻貓。
Back to the desert which had no exit, the girl drew a bowl of noodles on the floor with her finger. The noodles appeared. Then she drew a bottle of water, milk, rice ball, and also her cat. After all, the girl decided to turn herself into a cat.
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